Guess Who?

By Nahide Craig

Over the last 12 years reading and hearing about his policies I knew in my heart he was no good for the country.  He was a master mind of manipulating the poor and the uneducated into religious promises and gifts just to get their votes while he and his family benefitting millions of dollars from bribery and nepotism. Last summer I saw myself the changes he brought to the country and I was appalled. Was all the new construction, roads, bridges, tunnels and roads considered progress? Was bringing extreme conservatism through pushing religiousness and extreme measures to a country with constitution requires secularism considered a progress? Was there a secret motive behind all of these for his own political future?

Hearing his speeches I can see that he can be convincing, sympathetic and even emotionally close to people. This was his only gift. Even his lies sounded true and sincere as if they are coming from his heart and for the benefit of the country. Of course the biggest beneficiary was himself and his closest family so far.

Then he became more autocratic and wanting to change the constitution to his liking and jailing the journalist, closing TV stations and newspapers. When he became paranoid and started to fire the judges, and sending high ranking military commanders to jail. And finally some financial scandals related to his cabinet members and then to his son became public. Thanks to the foreign press to make these issues open in public through the news and the media, because news in local media came to paralyzing halt with most prominent authors being in the jail.

When reading this one can guess at least half a dozen government heads. I guess I will not reveal it for amusement and for guessing game.